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Sunday, May 30, 2010

MORE Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot - Production Design


Here is some more of my work from the series "Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot". The series never aired all of the episodes created for both seasons. It's run was cut short because Fox executives deemed the series to be too violent! I guess they had never seen the comic book on which this series was based. Some of the designs here are from the "lost" second season. All of the episodes can be found on on YouTube ( As the series progressed, the writers penned episodes that took our characters to locations never seen in the comics created by Geoff Darrow and Frank Miller. The comic series originally took place entirely in a futuristic version of Tokyo. The animated series took place in a fictitious metropolis called, New Tronic City which was a stylized merging of Tokyo, New York and Chicago of the future. It was a challenge to continue this detail-heavy production design in a primordial jungle or underground volcano complex, but I think we succeeded.

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