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Sunday, August 2, 2015

"Time Turkeys" (aka Freebirds v1.0)

I started working on "Time Turkeys" in 2009 for Reel FX. The original script was far different from the final version and the styling of the film went through many evolutions as Art Directors came and went. 

Here are some of my initial designs from the first version of the script...

Mayflower beached at Plymouth Rock

This view (upper) of the Mayflower was to show how the pilgrims established a foothold at Plymouth Rock. I thought it would add a lot of interest to the Plymouth village if we treated the location like they were castaways, surviving by using the building materials scavenged from their ship. The buildings would be made of hull timbers and decorated with sail, rigging and rope. The true story of the Mayflower is however, it returned to England and was dismantled. These locations were cut, early on, from the script and the Mayflower is never seen in the film.

Mayflower Hull Study 1
Mayflower Hull Study 2

Mayflower Hull Study 3

Blunderbuss Studies

The theory behind the production design was an attention to historical detail (due to the time travel subject matter) and a playful treatment of scale and shapes with stylized textures (as in children's book illustrations) as seen through the turkey's exaggerated point of view. Visually, the story is a tall tale told by our hero, Reggie.

Road-Side Attraction at Gas Station

Gas Station Turkey Display (Details)

Mil Truck Design Exploration 1
Mil Truck Design Exploration 2

Military Truck (Half Track)

Military Truck w/ HazMat Soldier

Poultry Truck Design Exploration 1

Poultry Truck Design Exploration 2

Turkey Farm delivery truck

Samuel L Jackson is the driver?!

Designs were completed for a VisDev test to show the director and the studio the current styling and identify and complexities before production. The test would introduce Reggie at a road-side attraction at a gas station as a military vehicle pulls up to refuel with an ominous crate in the back.

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