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Thursday, September 10, 2015

DNA Poster Designs

In Feb 2014, I was asked to design a poster for a Sci-Fi (live action) Thriller in development called, DNA. With only a brief synopsis and a lot of imagination, I did some quick comps. I started in the entertainment industry in 1988 working as an Ass't Field Publicist for Warner Bros Publicity. My first assignment was Tim Burton's Batman! I designed posters, standees, mobiles, buttons, cards, etc for many of Warner Bros releases for the next year and a half. I learned a lot from that experience and Warner Bros Publicity was the best in the business. 

Getting someone's attention from across a crowded room was key. I used that same logic for this design assignment. I wanted these poster to stand out from the other posters in a lobby. A good thriller should ask more questions than it answered, I think the poster should do the same. 

The previous is one of my favorite designs from the series. It portrays a nanobot/skin mite in an "x-ray" macro view. The composition suggests the mite is some strange alien in an environment suit.

The simplicity of the composition adds to the shock value. It's easy to read and the images stays with you after. 

Color palettes were kept to a minimum and I tried to create a "second read" to reward the viewer for taking a step closer. I think most great paintings do the same thing. 

In this series of designs, I really tried to push a "Matrix" look for the nanobots. It doesn't take much to cross a machine and an insect and the combination with additional wires for hair adds to the creepiness.

Being a huge fan of the horror and sci-fi genres, I chose shocking images and colors that would grab my attention and make me ask for more. I was inspired by the imagery of David Fincher and David Cronenberg and used the themes of technology, medical research and death for the project.


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