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Sunday, September 27, 2015

La Muerte's Castle

La Muerte's Castle for The Book of Life

Inspired by Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain. I also used reference from photos from Sandra and Jorge Gutierrez's romantic trip to Spain and other designs from Gaudi. The challenge was to keep the Gaudi asthetic in the shape language of the Land of the Dead (later called the Land of the Remembered). 

Gaudi Cathedral Ceiling (Detail)

Gaudi - La Sagrada Familia Cathedral

The entryway to La Muerte's castle went through several design iterations, from a large skull whose mouth opens for entry to a giant sacred heart/tree of life with a lego-like doorway.

I added skulls, mustaches, antlers and hearts in varying scales to play up the enormity of the place. 

The final version of La Muerte's Castle Doorway came about by trying to get the design to fit in the HD 1:1.78 aspect ratio. A majority of the drawing was manipulated in Photoshop using the transform tool and then redrawn. 

La Muerte's Castle Entryway (Final)

In designing the interiors, I noticed shapes that reminded me of "The Lorax" from Dr Seuss. I embraced that and pushed the Seuss quality to keep things magical, light and yet, mysterious. La Muerte is a goddess and her power should be felt in the majesty of the structure. Jorge wanted the interiors to feel open and massive. 

Tree of Life - G Klimpt

The Gaudi cathedral interiors are the same way. Many of the pillars in the cathedral are designed as huge trees, so I kept that idea and the "swirl" design from the Gustav Klimpt "Tree of Life" (La Muerte's castle exterior). The floating pillars inside the castle now look like a forest with a canopy of prayer flags above. 

La Muerte's Castle Walkway

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